Four Bad Habits That Cause Dull Skin

To have a bright, smooth, and healthy skin, people would do all sorts of things, including using expensive skin care products and going to the dermatologist. However, not all efforts lead to a satisfying result. This is most likely caused by some bad habits that we inadvertently do every day. As cited from CNN Indonesia, here are habits that one needs to avoid to achieve a healthy skin.

  1. Touching the face
    In daily life, oftentimes people touch their face unintentionally, be it when wiping some sweat, or fixing the hair. Those seemingly trivial activities transfer bacteria from hands to face. These bacteria in turn will cause issues on your face, such as acne.
  2. Popping the acne
    Most people would have the impulse to pop an inflamed acne on their face, especially when it has persisted for days. It might be the quickest way to get rid of acne, but also the worst. Popping the acne causes a new wound on the face, an easy gateway for bacteria to enter. It may also lead to scarring.
  3. Over-exfoliating
    Exfoliating the skin, be it with chemical or physical exfoliators, is a great way to get rid of bacteria build-up and cleanse the pores. However, when done excessively, it can cause skin dehydration and dry patches.
  4. Sleeping on your stomach
    Scientists have proven that sleeping on your stomach promotes aging and speeds up the formation of wrinkles. This sleeping position puts pressure on your face, thus inhibiting collagens from working effectively. It also hinders breathing, causing the skin to lack of cell-regenerating oxygen. Plus, the face becomes in contact with pillow sheets that have been contaminated with dirt and oil.


Text by Anggie Triana
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