About Us

Stetoskoop was established in April 2015, stemming from a brilliant idea by group of young entrepreneurs who were alarmed about health and medical care in Indonesia.

Stetoskoop is supported by technology that is specifically designed to assist and facilitate health service users to look for information and reviews about hospitals and their departments throughout Indonesia. In a fairly short time and supported by a professional team, Stetoskoop can provide an accurate and reliable data of hospitals with an elegant and informative packaging to entice users.

Designed to Improve Medical Services

Oftentimes questions come up after we eat in a restaurant. Was the food good enough? Was the money we spent worth the experience? Did the waiters and waitresses work hard to satisfy and please the customers? Did we wait a long time to get our appetisers served? Was the food overcooked, or undercooked, or just right? How was the overall experience – enjoyable or forgettable? These questions are necessary, so that we can decide whether we will visit that particular restaurant in the future, or not.

Hospitals and clinics are, like restaurants, a service provider. The only difference is the purpose. One is to satisfy your palate and the other is to satisfy your health and body need. However, sometimes, if not most of the times, we take medical services for granted. We tend to forget about the overall experience we had in a hospital as long as the practitioners examine us and gave us prescriptions. There are plenty of aspects that can be improved in hospitals or clinics. Questions should arise. How long do we have to wait in the line? Was the prescription good for the body? Did the doctors knew about our medical needs? Did the doctors read about our allergies, or did he give prescription randomly? Was the medicine readily available? How fast was the emergency service? Did they take a good care of patients in the ICU?

Stetoskoop was designed as a lifestyle solution for these needs. Tell the world why was your experience in a hospital something to remember. Why would you go to that hospital in the future. Or, tell the world what are the things needed to be improved in that particular hospital. All this for one goal – to help and improve the medical services in general.

Philosophy of Our Name

Stethoscopes are medical devices that are used to listen to the internal sounds of our body. Stethoscopes are also integral devices for doctors and medical services in general. This is why we choose the name Stetoskoop – because we want to listen to your experience, and express them to everybody through our portal. The name Stetoskoop itself is a direct translation of stethoscope in Estonian language. As integral as stethoscopes to doctors, we also aim to be an integral web and online platform for today’s medical services.