Hobbies that can help you to be healthy

Most people have hobbies. Singing, reading books, cooking, painting, and sports are some types of hobbies that often done by people. Not only can it can help you to relieve stress, it turns out that hobbies can also help you to be healthy. As quoted from Medical News Today, here are some hobbies that can help improve your health.

  1. Dancing
    Dancing is indeed a quite simple hobby to do. You don’t need any special equipment, just some music to help you bust a move. Dancing is also often done as a cardio activity that can help maintain cardiovascular health, increase stamina, and strengthen bones. In addition, according to the results of studies, dancing can also reduce the risk of dementia by 76%.
  2. Farming
    Although it does not involve too much physical movement, results of studies show that farming can improve health, especially parts of the brain. Farming can reduce the risk of dementia by 36% for those who do it every day. Even though it looks trivial, things like planting or pulling weeds are related to aerobic movements that can help train muscles, increase stamina, and flexibility.
  3. Writing
    This hobby is related to several mental and physical health benefits, including improving memory, reducing stress levels, and improving sleep patterns. In addition to being able to express themselves through writing or blogging, it can also open up opportunities for new relationships with many people.
  4. Listening to music
    Not only writing, listening to music can also benefit one's mental and physical health. Listening to music is known to help boost the immune system, reduce stress levels, and reduce depression. This hobby is known to be more effective in reducing anxiety compared to drugs. Listening to or playing music is associated with low levels of cortisol, which is a stress-causing hormone in the body.
  5. Having a pet
    According to the CDC, not only can it provide opportunities for exercise, having a pet can also help maintain blood pressure, cholesterol, and triglyceride levels, and reduce the owner's loneliness. Some studies have also shown that raising animals can reduce the risk of heart-related diseases for their owners.


Text by Anggie Triana
Stock photos from Pixabay


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